Introducing Gumption

Our target customers need a fast pace solution that Gumption provides. We leverage crowd recruitment, automated sourcing, and combine personal touch to deliver a superior staffing process. By providing an interactive platform to both client and candidate, we reach across the generational gap. Gumption’s tiered pricing model allows access to all organizations. This app will bring passive candidates into the market through referrals, active recruitment, and AI. Gumption is here to disrupt the staffing industry.


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According to Harvard Business Review, “employers spend an enormous amount on hiring—an average of $4,129 per job in the United States.” “The United States fills a staggering 66 million jobs a year. Most of the $20 billion that companies spend on human resources vendors goes to hiring.”

Locating the Ideal Candidate

With a highly social generation in the workforce, job postings are no longer truly effective. According to, job postings need to evolve into short, eye-catching, and audible. “The talent pools recruiters have routinely tapped are becoming outmoded. ” – Harvard Business Review

Crowd Recruiters

Gumption uses a crowd recruitment model along with AI and API’s in order to find the perfect consultant for each opening. They are then fully vetted by our technical staff.

Gig Solutions

Gumption will allow job seekers to piece together part time contracts in order to reach full time status with Gumption. This will then grant them access to our benefits package.

Let's Make This Social

Gumption provides an all-inclusive web app to organize crowd recruiters, job seekers, and clients to be able to effectively communicate and better fill openings.


Gumption provides a win, win, win platform. Crowd recruiters get paid for every hire, the consultants find their next career move, and the clients find their dream employees timely and within budget.


Anyone and Everyone! This app is proving that.

Increased network = Increased net worth

Crowd Recruiter

With Gumption’s platform anyone can monetize their network and refer/recruit people for job openings. Crowd Recruiters are well connected, willing to connect, and are held accountable to deliver through Gumption’s rating system.


Find your best fit. With AI and Crowd Recruiters cutting down the sourcing time, Gumption delivers a more accurate cultural, and technical fit for your openings on a better timeline and budget.

Job Seeker

Become a crowd recruiter and add to your bottom line. Find your next career move and make it the best yet!



We have every resource, Gumption being the only app you need.


More than just picking a resume, but building a network of recruiters to help fill across the globe

Final Vetting

Our web app is meant to be used everywhere. It will be interactive and social! We want to disrupt staffing and make it fun!

Trustworthy Customer Service

Customer service that you can rely on! No talking to bots, real people are here to help. We want to make staffing interactive and never replace the human element that is needed in our industry!


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